Mango - Alimentação Saudável
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Some of our dishes

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Our Butter

Here at Mango, we refine our butter to make it healthier and tastier for our customers. As soon as the butter arrives in our restaurant, we separate and remove the lactose and toxins to create a lighter and finer spread. This style of butter, sometimes known as Ghee butter, is famous for its health benefits and therapeutic properties.

Our Juices

All of our juices are made from 100% fruit juice and have no added sugars or sweeteners.

Our Spices

The amount of salt used in our food is minimal, and we have a variety of salts available in our kitchen, including: light salt, pink or Himalayan salt, and black salt. For more information, ask your server!

Our Oil

At Mango, we exclusively use olive oil in our kitchen. We do not use other oils, nor do we use a fryer.